One Day At A Time

Libby. CT. 16. Single. work in progress.

It’s Saturday night where I am and I’m guessing that a lot of you are going to end up drunk, high or in a stranger’s bed. There’s something you all need to remember; you don’t need that bottle of vodka to talk to that cute boy, you don’t need to get high in a club bathroom to escape the demons of your past. No matter how many times that cute boy says he’ll love you in the morning, he’s lying. Yes, it will feel nice to be needed for the night but when morning comes that boy will tell you to leave and that is was fun but he will never call you. He will leave you and you’ll go back to feeling empty. Now I don’t know this from personal experience but I’ve seen enough friends peel themselves off the bathroom floor to know that this is not what you need. If you’re chasing the high or feeling of drunken bliss, you can find it in other places. If you’re looking for that warm feeling of being needed, you can find it in better places than the bed of that cute boy from the bar. You deserve to be loved forever for who you truly are, not who you are when you’re just trying to forget your life.

To all the girls who deserve so much more. (via live-to-listen)

(Source: desertings, via live-to-listen)